How long have you been a stylist? 

I have been with mcintyres for 18 years. I started off as an apprentice at just 16 and worked my way up to a director stylist. I have Been part of the training academy as a trainer after completing my A1 assessors course and always enjoyed doing some operations along the way that lead me to become part of the management team and now this is my sole focus (I found my drive) and I no longer do hair in the salon.

What’s your specialism? 

I’m not sure about specialism but I am a good all rounder and if I don’t know something I WILL find out how to do it or I can’t stop. Although I’m in the management team I have experience in all salon roles so can jump into any as and when I’m needed. 

I’m not bad at the old handyman jobs either 🤓

What’s your greatest achievement while at mcIntyres? 

I think working there for the length of time I have. I’ve now got an abundance of experience in lots of different areas and have become a much more confident person working alongside some amazing people. You really never do stop learning.

What are your ambitions?  

To help the salon and team continue to flourish they are all such a creative and passionate team with such high standards so makes it such an enjoyable place to be!

What’s your party trick/secret talent? 

I don’t have a trick I don’t think 🤔  but if you were to ask me something about myself that people would remember I would say my laugh. Well it’s a bit more like a loud cackle 🙈

Work hard play hard right ??