How long have been with mcIntyres?
I have worked at mcintyres for over three years now and went thought all the training at our academy.

What was your route to your current job?
I started working as a Saturday girl and some late nights at 16. After a few months Kay asked if I wanted to start my apprenticeship.

What’s your specialism?
I love anything colour.

What’s your greatest achievement while at mcIntyres?
My greatest achievement would be assisting one of our stylists at Wella Trendvision UK final. It was amazing.

What are your hairdressing ambitions?
To enter lots of competitions and of course build my clients.

What’s your party trick/secret talent?
I do love a good karaoke on a night out.

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Rebecca Cameron
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mcIntyres Salons
50 Union St,
Dundee, Dundee, DD1 4BE