How long have you been a stylist?

I have been doing hair for around 10 years and have worked at McIntyres for 9. I began at college then started working in the salon while finishing my college training, then went full time. 

What’s your specialism?

I do everything. Colour, cut, extensions and styling but I specialise in extensions. 

What’s your greatest achievement while at mcIntyres?

My greatest achievement with mcIntyres is reaching the Trendvision final.

What are your hairdressing ambitions? 

I love education and do freelance education for ghd and Sassoon Colour so I’d say my ambitions are down those lines. 

Who are your hairdressing heroes?

Kay is probably my hairdressing hero but I also look up to James Earnshaw and Chris Appleton.

What’s your party trick/secret talent?

My party trick is being able to shout as if I’m stuck in a box….Search on YouTube for ‘Jessie J singing in box’ for reference. I bet you’ll want to try it!

Recent example of Rosie’s work

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