How long have been with mcIntyres?

I’ve been with Mcintyres a few months short of 16 years. I’ve been a stylist for 11 years. I had work experience with the salon for a week and once finished Kay told me there was a job for me. I was a Christmas leaver at school so at first they wouldn’t let me leave but Kay set up a meeting with the school board and afterwards they put a plan in place for me to work Thursday evenings/Friday/Saturday until I sat my exams and then afterwards I worked full time as work experience until my leaving date from school. 

What’s your specialism?

I would like to think that my specialism is in colour and precision haircuts. 

What’s your greatest achievement while at mcIntyres?

I’m not really a competition sort of person so I would have to say my greatest achievement would have to be getting to where I am today in the salon as a creative director. I was such a shy quiet girl when I first started and I’ve grown so much as a person.

What are your hairdressing ambitions? 

I’m currently waiting to do my MCP (master colour programme) with Wella which has been postponed to 2021 due to Covid. This for me will be amazing because I remember being a trainee and Kay had just completed hers and I always thought to myself I would love to do that one day. 

Who are your hairdressing heroes?

Without sounding to cheesy a lot of my hairdressing heroes are a lot closer to home. I have a few people I love to follow on Instagram for inspiration too. 

What’s your party trick/secret talent?

I play a mean game of Prosecco pong ha ha!

Recent Examples Of Annette’s Work

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