Hair Extensions Dundee

Hair extensions offer a great solution if you’re looking for a transformation. Whether for length, body or colour change, hair extensions are virtually undetectable, light and easy to wear.

The hair used for hair extensions is 100% human hair and cuticle intact which means it is durable, soft and silky and will not matt or tangle. In fact, it will feel just like your own hair and can even be heated, styled and coloured.

At mcIntyres hairdressing Dundee we use the finest quality Beauty Works, Balmain, Rapture & Hair Talk hair extensions which can be fitted in under 60 minutes to give you a full head of natural looking hair. mcIntyres has over 10 extension expert stylists in salon so you can be assured that you’ll receive the best service and end results possible.

We also use a range of products as part of our full solution including systems designed specifically for thinning hair and hair loss.

Please book in for a hair extension consultation at mcIntyres hairdressing salons in Dundee, Scotland.

Tape Hair Extensions

mcIntyres hair salons are your local expert for hair extensions in Dundee.

We favour tape-on hair extensions which are are a quick and easy method which result in a very natural look. No one will guess you’re wearing extensions!

What are Tape hair extensions?

Tape hair extensions are a method that’s taken the world by storm. Hair extensions with tape. They offer a quick & easy, sleek tape extension. They give long, voluminous, natural-looking hair in less than an hour. Tape-on extensions are available in lots of different colours and lengths. Just like your own hair, this 100% real hair can become a part of your look which you can style according to your own hairstyle or mood.

No one will notice the extensions, but everyone will notice the difference.

Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions
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Are Hair Extensions For You?

Our stylists and hair extension experts in Dundee recommend tape for just about everyone! They are one of our most popular methods! If you have thin and fragile hair, we always recommend tape because it’s a gentle method with thin and highly discreet attachments.

What Are The Advantages Of Tape?

They don’t damage your hair. The pieces weigh between 2 and 3g so they won’t feel heavy or slide off. They work really well if you have fragile and/or damaged hair. They are ideal if you have thin hair. Do you have thin hair in which attachments always remain visible? That’s no longer a problem with Tape-on extensions.

Another benefits is the natural-looking results. Thanks to the soft, thin tape, you get a discreet attachment. Your locks will certainly stand out, but it won’t be obvious that you’re wearing extensions.

They are also easy to remove by one of our extension experts and can be reused for up to 8 months if you follow our recommendations for care and professional products to use. They simply require a maintenance appointment are between 6-8 weeks as your hair grows.

Tape-on hair extensions are applied directly on the root of the hair using a lightweight design. They are available in a range of multi-tonal shades and two optional lengths, 16-18” and 20-22”. The tape weft extensions add natural-looking length, volume, colour, and shine to your locks.

Seriously, you’ll wonder what you ever did without them.

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Hair Extensions Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my extensions last?

Tape extensions last 6-8 weeks depending on your natural hair growth, aftercare regime and maintenance programme.

Can I have them put in again?

Yes, all tape extensions are re-usable. We estimate 6-9 months of use, again depending on the after-care regime and maintenance programme.

Can I take them out myself?

No – your extension stylist must carry out the removal process.

Will my hair be damaged?

No if your extensions have been applied and removed by a qualified stylist and maintenance appointments have been attended within the advised time, you will not sustain damage.

How often should I wash my hair?

As often as you feel necessary. There should be no change in habit from the normal frequency that you wash your hair.

Can I tie my hair back?

Yes, although we do not advise a tight ponytail to be styled excessively. Do not tie your hair back when wet.

mcIntyres Hair Extensions Aftercare

Hair Extensions Brushing Advice

A soft bristle brush is recommended for daily use.
Begin brushing at the ends and work up towards the root.
At night – sleep with your hair in a loose braid or twist to prevent any tangles or knots.

Hair Extensions Cleansing Advice

Brush hair prior to cleansing.
Soak with warm water.
Gently massage shampoo into root area, taking care to go between your extensions.
It is not necessary to scrub mid lengths and ends.

Hair Extensions Conditioning Advice

Apply conditioning to mid lengths and ends.
Avoid root and bond area.
Use a wide tooth comb to detangle hair and evenly disperse conditioner.
Rinse thoroughly.

Hair Extensions Towel Drying Advice

Squeeze excess water and pat dry.
Do not rub.
Detangle from ends up to root.

Hair Extensions Drying & Styling Advice

Hair can be left to dry naturally or blow-dried.
We recommend a low heat and soft bristle brush to blow-dry.
Heated tools can be used to style hair, we do not recommend stylers that exceed 185 degrees.
We do not recommend to sleep with wet or damp hair as this can cause the tangle.

Hair Extensions Extra Advice

If you suffer from an oily scalp – wash hair regularly, as a build up of natural oil cause the bonds to slip or fall out.

Don’t use oils or serums near bonds.

Treat your extensions with the same respect your own hair. Maintenance is advised every 6-8 weeks and salon professional products should be used at home to maintain your extensions.

We do not advise colouring your extensions at home.

When swimming or on holiday we advise keeping your hair tied back and washing it directly after being in pool or sea water.

Be careful when using suncream as contact with your extensions can cause a change in colour.