Hair extensions offer a great solution if you’re looking for a transformation. Whether for length, body or colour change, hair extensions are virtually undetectable, light and easy to wear.

Available in 23 natural hair colours and 7 bold fashion shades, hair extensions can be easily added, removed and re-used, making them a cost-effective option for all budgets.

We also use a range of products as part of our full solution including systems designed specifically for thinning hair and hair loss.

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Gothic Collection at mcIntyres hair salons in Dundee

At mcIntyres we use the finest quality Beauty Works, Balmain & Rapture hair extensions which can be fitted in under 60 minutes to give you a full head of natural looking hair.

The hair is 100% human hair and cuticle intact which means it is durable, soft and silky and will not matt or tangle.In fact, it will feel just like your own hair and can even be heated, styled and coloured.

Weekend Extensions

Carefree colour

Hair colour without the time or commitment can be yours with Hair Extensions at mcIntyres salons.

Our hair extensions offer a world of versatility and creativity with something to suit every client and every budget. Choose from 23 natural and cool fashion colours in 100% human remy hair.

Instant Colour

Hair thinning solutions

Clients with fine or thin hair are increasingly turning to hair extensions to give them the hair they desire. mcIntyres Salons in Dundee, Scotland recommend Beauty Works, Balmain & Rapture Evolution hair extensions to give you instant thicker hair.

Comfortable, lightweight and virtually invisible, these human hair extensions are designed to be used around partings and hairlines to create a natural look.

Add Volume