Colour correction at mcIntyres salons in Dundee, Scotland

professional-hair-cuts-styling-1If a home hair dye experiment has gone wrong and you are currently going through the nightmare of hair colour damage, please seek expert advice and help from the professionals at mcIntyres hairdressing salons in Dundee, Scotland.

We are trained to the highest standards to offer you a bespoke hair colour correction service with beautiful results.  

During your hair colour correction consultation, we can determine the best course of action for your hair.

We will explain what can be realistically achieved, the process and price for your colour correction before beginning your treatment.


Improving dry and over-processed hair with OLAPLEX™

Colour CorrectionOver-processed hair becomes dry which often leads to split ends and breakage. If your hair is in despair, please get in touch with our salon so we can help restore your locks to their former glory.

By adding extra moisture into your locks, our hair colour specialists can give your hair a bright and healthy appearance. 

We can improve your hair’s condition using the revolutionary OLAPLEX™ hair repair treatment.  OLAPLEX™ helps to repair damage and create strength, shine and give you a more vibrant colour. 


Successfully change your hair colour 

blonde-hair-colorTransforming light hair to a darker shade or dark hair to a lighter shade requires time and preparation.  

To achieve a new lighter look, your hair needs to be prepared with a colour remover – a process that may need to be repeated. Once the artificial pigment has been removed we can create your rich, new colour.

Achieving a darker hair colour typically requires two separate colour applications. The first fills your hair with the pigment it needs to hold onto the new darker shade. The second produces the shade that is perfect for you.

Our expert hair colour technicians will identify the areas that need colour correcting and assess the best tones and shades for your hair.


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