Freya Griffiths

How long have you been a stylist?

I’m the baby of the group (despite the fact I’m 25 this year 🙊) .

How long have been with mcIntyres?

I began at mcIntyres in Autumn 2019 while completing my level 2 in woman’s hairdressing at Dundee College. After qualifying in Summer 2020 I continued to learn and gain confidence and became a stylist in 2021.   

What’s your specialism?

Being the newbie I wouldn’t say I have a specialism yet! But I love to learn and I love a challenge so I would say bold colours and shapes excite me the most! But that’s not to say I’m not passionate for a cheeky balayage too.   

What’s your greatest achievement while at mcIntyres?

I would say making the switch from hospitality to hairdressing and becoming a stylist in a year and a half would be number 1!  But I’ve also realised I have a passion for Hair competitions, I entered Wella Xposure, a competition for apprentices, in 2020 and am entering Wella Trend Vision this year.   

Who are your hairdressing heroes?

Some of my favourites in the hair world are Tomihiro Kono, Janine Ker and Caitlin Ford. All three show a mastery of colour while using hair as a medium of art expression, taking hair to the next level.

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Some recent examples of Freya’s work.