Jay Jackson

Principal Stylist

Hi, I’m Jay. I’ve been with McIntyres since 2007. I started straight after school as an apprentice and completed all my training here.
I really enjoy the versatility of being a stylist rather than confining myself to a singular specialty, I enjoy the wide variety of techniques and skills including men’s hair.

I was promoted to the rank of a Principal Stylist a few years ago after building a strong loyal client base. One of my favourite memories was a journey to Berlin with the brand Sebastian. The workshops and collaborations with fellow stylists from across the UK as well as the socialising in the evenings was really enjoyable (work hard, play hard!).

When I’m not in the salon I love travelling, walking and dining out especially exploring different cuisines.

Picture of Kay says...

Kay says...

"Jay is always so cheery and professional with her clients. She really listens and puts them at ease making their experience as enjoyable as possible. She’s very passionate about her work with clients. She swiftly establishes a rapport with them, listening attentively to fully understand their expectations."

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