How long have been with mcIntyres?

I’ve been a stylist for 11 years and with mcintyres for 13 years.

I only ever did a week’s work experience in a salon in Arbroath before coming to mcintyres. I was still at school when I started at mcintyres as a Saturday girl and the school allowed me to have a half day on a Thursday so I could come and work a late night as they knew this is what I really wanted to do full time when I left. I literally finished school on the Friday and started working full time on the Monday. 

What’s your specialism?

I wouldn’t say I have a specific speciality. I love doing it all! With that said, I enjoy doing gents hair and cutting in general and I love doing extensions.

What’s your greatest achievement while at mcIntyres?

As for my achievements I really wish I was one for the stage and competitions but I’m terrible at public speaking. mcIntyres has enabled me to go on so many courses/trips away, learning constantly, which i’m very grateful for. I was also chosen with Annette to go to Berlin on a Sebastian trip where we got to do workshops and hands-on training with others from all over the UK. That was amazing!

What are your hairdressing ambitions? 

I’d like to further my skills as there’s ALWAYS room for learning. 

Who are your hairdressing heroes?

My hairdressing heroes are my team of course!!! Without them and their help over the years I wouldn’t be where I am now.

What’s your party trick/secret talent?

A talent I do have that many people may not know is that I can also groom dogs as well as humans!

Some recent examples of Jay’s work.

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