Pre Appointment COVID Questionnaire

The safety of our clients is essential – we will be following strict guidelines following the lockdown period. We would appreciate your cooperation during this time and answer the below as accurately as you can before your appointment.

    1) Have you had / suffered from or experienced any of the below Covid-19 symptoms within the last 14 days?
    • Fever 
    • Persistent Cough 
    • If the answer is yes to any of the above please contact us regarding your appointment. 

    2) Have you been abroad in the last 14 days? Yes / No 
    If yes, please call us before you arrive to your appointment. 

    3) Have you been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the last 8 weeks? Yes / No 

    4) Do you fall in the ‘governments’ high risk category?
    • Are over the age of 70 
    • Have underlying health issues 
    • Pregnant 


    5) If you are having a chemical service have you had a skin test since your last appointment?

    6) Are you allergic to latex gloves?
    If yes to the above please call as soon as possible before your appointment. 

    SIGN HERE : 

    New salon guidelines have been put in place, these are displayed at our front of house and can be seen as soon as you walk in the door.

    We understand social distancing will continue for some time, should you fall in any of the high risk categories, please let us know on arrival and we will do what we can in line with the government guidelines.