Wella Perfecton /43


Perfecton /43 Wella Colouring Rinse Red Gold

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Wella Perfecton /43 is a Red Gold professional conditioning colour rinse application normally applied in salon to be used in between salon visits to freshen up and restore your salon colour. We provide this as an in-salon option to extend the life of your salon colour and as a treatment due to the conditioning properties and its effectiveness at covering grey, however based on its popularity and simplicity many clients purchase this as part of their home care ritual.Perfecton/6 refreshes and restores colour from the Red spectrum, its ammonia and peroxide free and is therefore safe and simple to apply at home.

Apply to shamppoed hair and leave in – do not rinse out after application.

The Perfecton/44 bottle makes mixing easy providing the ideal measurement of the amount of Perfecton/44 liquid needed, (although a separate mixing bottle is needed) add 250ml of warm water mix to the perfecton dose and rinse through hair