Hair Colour Trends For 2023

hair colour trends for 2023
Of all the hair trends to try, colour is the most fun to experiment with and 2023 looks set to be no exception. From two-toned “Gemini hair” to Jenner-approved copper red, there are plenty of options to choose from if you’re looking to change up your colour in the year ahead. Expect to see new takes on classic blonde and the return of the grey, and if nostalgia is your thing, there’s something for you too, with Barbie-inspired blonde back in the spotlight.
Whether you’re a fan of a statement colour or prefer a subtler balayage, we’ve run through the biggest hair colour trends for 2023
hair colour trends for 2023 apricot copper

Apricot Copper

Shades of copper will be one of the popular hair colour trends for 2023, ranging from fiery reds to warm auburn to Apricot Copper In particular, copper will be the standout colour.
Kendall Jenner unofficially kicked off the copper-red trend off last summer.
It can act as a midpoint for blondes and brunettes who are not ready to go a bit darker or light, and it’s a great colour to brighten up your locks.
hair colour trends for 2023 apricot copper 2

Candlelit Brunette

If you’re after a subtler hair transformation, every hair colour and texture can easily embrace this trend.

Candlelit hair uses low-contrast and mid-tone highlights to give the hair a warm and reflective feel as if it were glistening candlelight.

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hair colour trends for 2023 barbie blonde x

Barbie Blonde

With Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie set to hit screens in July, a Barbie-inspired blonde will no doubt be one of the huge hair colour trends for 2023.

This particular shade of blonde isn’t actually as icy as most people think it is, so be wary of blonde dye that leans a little too cool-toned or platinum.

Instead, a warmer, golden blonde will be perfect for nailing this trend.

hair colour trends for 2023 barbie blonde x

Peachy Rose

Whilst ash and platinum blonde hair have been more popular in recent years, 2023 will see the rise of peachy rose blonde.
This is a perfect shade for those looking to make a fun and colourful change and is a great way to transition from winter to brighter spring and summer. While this trend is best for blonde hair, as pink takes more easily to light hair, it is still possible to achieve this look in darker hair colours.
To maintain the colour, your hair will have to be lifted slightly brighter than the goal colour, as the hue will fade and tone down after a few washes, therefore ask your stylist which products are best to maintain your hair.

Expensive Blonde

Expensive blonde is all about soft contrast and golden tones, and while the overall effect is incredibly natural, it can require a time-consuming and costly process involving both highlights and lowlights to really nail this trend.

Essentially, you’ll need to ask for more than one shade of blonde—and expect to spend several hours in the salon chair.

hair colour trends for 2023 expensive blonde
hair colour trends for 2023 - natural grey

Natural Grey

Unlike the icy grey of the 2010s, this return to grey hair has a slight natural yet slightly futuristic vibe.

In order to lean into your very best pro-ageing hue, you’ll need to opt for a more complex grey that works with your natural root colour.

Note that a multi-dimensional colour requires upkeep (unless you’ve been blessed with natural silvery locks), so try to alternate between a high gloss and tonal shampoo with root touchups that follow the natural growth gradient of your ‘grey.

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