Add Volume to Fine & Thin Hair

Hair thinning and hair loss solutions with Rapture at mcIntyres salons in Dundee

Add Volume to Fine & Thin HairClients with fine and thinning hair are increasingly turning to hair extensions to give them the hair they desire.

At mcIntyres salons in Dundee we can give you thicker hair and more hair using Rapture Evolution hair extensions.  These hair extensions are comfortable, lightweight and virtually invisible as they have been delicately hand-stitched to give the effect of the hair growing from the root. 

They are ideal for clients who have very fine or thinning hair as they look so natural and are designed to be used around partings and hairlines.

Rapture Evolution is available in 23 colours and two lengths of 25cm and 40cm.  


Working in partnership with top trichologist Mark Blake on hair loss solutions

Trichology is a branch of dermatology dedicated to the study of hair and scalp disorders, specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of the causes of hair loss in men and women.

The mcIntyres team work in partnership with internationally recognised trichologist Mark Blake to deliver hair loss & hair thinning solutions for men and women.  We can help decide on a course of treatment, helping men and women suffering from thinning hair and hair loss to regain their confidence.

Hair extensions for length & colour at mcIntyres salons, Dundee

Add Volume to Fine & Thin HairHair extensions are a superb way of adding length, colour and volume to your hair.  Rapture hair extensions are available in 23 natural hair shades in 100% human remy hair and 6 bright fashion colours in a heat resistant fibre.  

Once fitted, your extensions can be cut and styled in harmony with your natural hair.  They can even be heat styled and coloured, if you wish. 

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We offer complimentary hair extensions appointments where clients can discuss the look, timings, costs and how to maintain their hair extensions.  Book your hair extensions appointment by clicking on the links below:

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