Alternative Hair Show Reveal 2013 International Visionary Finalists

The Alternative Hair Show has revealed the finalists for their International Visionary award 2013. The ENIGMA show, taking place in London at the Royal Albert Hall on 13th October, invites “participating teams to explore the mysteries and paradoxes of hairdressing creativity, questioning their artistry as they create perplexing and puzzling conundrums of hairdressing creativity.” Founded by Tony Rizzo, with Anthony Mascolo as its President, Joshua Galvin as an honorary President and Vidal Sassoon as its worldwide honorary patron, the Alternative Hair show ENIGMA for 013 will feature 19 teams as well as the AIPP FINALE Presentation 2013/14 and the International Visionary award 2013. Talking about the award, Alternative Hair show founder Tony Rizzo said “The International Visionary Award received record submissions this year with an impressive and the largest finalist short list the competition has ever seen each presenting to win a place in the 2014 Alternative Hair Show”. The full list of finalists the International Visionary award 2013 are: Aaron Healy (IRELAND) Alteo Geminiani (ITALY) Angelo Vallillio (UK) Ben Gregory (UK) Candice Wyatt (SOUTH AFRICA) Erzsebet Racz (HUNGARY) Francois Evequoz (SWITZERLAND) Gorka Nevado/Esther Lozano (SPAIN) Kirsten McIntosh (CANADA) Joanne Oneill (IRELAND) Jamie Jennings (USA) Jason Hall (UK) Joe-Yves Asmar (SWEDEN) Lewis Moore (UK) Luigi Neri (ITALY) Misha Cadkova (CZECK REPUBLIC) Oleksandr Gryshko (UKRAINE) Olga Provotorova (RUSSIA) Pino Troncone (ITALY) Puck Essers (THE NETHERLANDS) Roger Persson (SWEDEN) Sergey Zhilinsky (RUSSIA) Sonya Capaldi (UK) Teresa Molloy (IRELAND) Tomaz Turk (SLOVENIA) Tyker Ho (TAIWAN) Tickets for the event can be purchased on the Alternative Hair Show website HERE.