Bespoke hair colour

Bespoke hair colouring at mcIntyres salons, Dundee

Award-winning mcIntyres salons in Dundee create bespoke hair colour for men and women who are seeking to refresh their usual hair colour as well as for individuals looking to push the boundaries of hair art.   Every hair colour service begins with a detailed consultation where your mcIntyres colour specialist will discuss your desired look, assess your current hair colour and condition, and explain the best options for your hair. Highly trained and experienced, the hair colour technicians at mcIntyres have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of different hair types and how the hair’s fibres will respond to the various hair colour products and techniques used. Colour technicians are also trained to assess which hair colours will flatter your skin tone, so may suggest an alternative shade within your colour palette. At least 48 hours prior to your hair colour consultation, you will be asked to have a quick ‘patch test’ where a small dot of hair colour product will be applied to your skin – usually behind the ear – to test for any allergy or reaction.

Balayage hair colours at mcIntyres salons, Dundee

Balayage is one of the most asked for hair colours and is popular with women of all ages. A French word meaning ‘to sweep’ or ‘paint’, balayage uses a free-hand technique whereby mcIntyres’ technicians can apply hair colour with absolute precision. Balayage is skillfully applied on the surface of the hair with differing degrees of saturation to give a deeper colour towards the ends.  Very often, women ask for sun-kissed natural looking colour which will grow out with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. The look can be as dramatic or as subtle as you wish and feature any colours.

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