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Mcintyres online shop now has the BaByliss Perfect Curl styler in stock offering you the easiest way to get beautiful, long-lasting curls.

A revolutionary new product, BaByliss Perfect Curl styler gives you the ‘perfect curl’ it’s named after in seconds using a very cool mechanism which has to be seen to be believed. Simply place a section of hair into the styler and close. It’s then drawn up into the circular ceramic chamber where it’s softly held and heated for the perfect long-lasting curl.

The BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl styler offers three heat and three timer settings giving maximum control over the style whilst using less heat and so is kinder to your hair. There is also a curl direction feature allowing you to have uniform curls which curl towards or away from the face or even alternating with each section.

Buy BaByliss Perfect Curl styler from Mcintyres online shop.

Watch the video below to see the BaByliss Perfect Curl in action and prepare to be amazed…