Clash Magazine reaches 100th Issue

Congratulations to the Clash Magazine team on reaching their 100th edition. Clash’s huge 100th issue celebrates the past, present and future of the magazine, with a retrospective look through it’s photography vaults and a countdown of our favourite albums of the last 10 years. It also doubles up as a special Christmas issue, including end-of-year round-ups and Next Wave predictions for 2015. Stay tuned for details of the exclusive interviews and amazing content that makes up a stunning platinum edition.
Clash was founded in Dundee by John O’Rourke, McIntyres’ Managing Director and Dundee Ambassador. I cant believe its 10 years ago Clash launched from Dundee. Its interesting back then we were very concerned about it’s association with Dundee limiting its prospects? We marketed it as a Scottish publication , however now its cool to be connected with Dundee with its digital dynamic, new Unesco status, and the incumbent V&A Museum and worldwide design centre of excellence, Dundee really is on the crest of a wave and its momentum growing week by week.

McIntyres have also played a significant part in the evolution of Clash, funding its creation and helping throughout its time with necessary funding gaps. Kay McIntyre, McIntyres Creative Director and British Hairdressing Awards ‘Hall of Fame ‘ member adds ‘Our guys enjoyed going to festivals and Clash events over the years