Interview with Kay McIntyre in Creative Head Magazine on Nioxin

Creative Head interview with Kay McIntyre, Nioxin’s UK Education Ambassador. Now in her third year as Nioxin’s UK Education Ambassador, Kay talks about the success of the Nioxin system , how and why the product gets results.
As Nioxin launch three new in salon therapy’s

1. Derma Scalp Renew – This removes dead skin cells and excess sebum accelerating scalp surface regeneration
2. Density Protect Therapy – This helps to reduce hair breakage and restore a dense and vibrant appearance to the hair
3. Diameter Boost Therapy – This increases the diameter of your clients hair instantly from the roots

Creative Head Interview:-

“A bad hair day can really affect someones confidence so seeing the difference NIOXIN can make is great’

We sat down with Kay McIntyre, owner of Dundee’s Mclntyres and NIOXIN UK
Education Ambassador; to discuss how NIOXIN has increased her client loyalty,
attracted new clients and boosted her retail revenue
Creative Head: Why does your salon use NIOXIN?
Kay McIntyre : Hair Thinning is a real concern for both men and women. There is a growing demand for cosmetic solutions that can help deliver thicker,fuller-looking hair,which is why we started at looking at ways to help our clients who were experiencing this. When you use a product that Delivers like Nioxin and your client can feel the difference difference they’ll come back time and time again

CH:What has the reaction been to Nioxin services from staff and clients?
KM: Clients love that its a pampering treat as it gives your clients hair and scalp much-needed TLC. It’s really good that the three new services all offer something different based on your clients needs.A bad hair day can reaaly affect your clients confidence ,so, from a stylists perspective seeing the difference that a Nioxin consultation can make is great
CH: How has Nioxin helped build your business and how have the new services helped?
KM: Nioxin offers clients something different that helps meet a specific need or concern . When a client has a Nioxin treatment or service , they get a complete experience along with a relaxing massage . Feeling the difference is so convincing. therefore, the NIOXIN system kit is really popular as it allows a client to continue their experience back home after a service. It also has a money back guarantee which is reassuring for staff and clients . This has helped drive the retail side of our business.
CH: What are you doing with Nioxin that makes a difference to your clients experince in-salon?
KM: An in-depth consultation is the key – our consultations are aided by the Nioxin Nioscope , which allows you to see a clients hair and scalp magnified 200 times. It can zoom into such detail that it allows the stylist and your client to see the effect of a Nioxin service before and after , which adds to your clients experience and understanding of their hair and scalp. This allows us to give them tips and advice on such things as hair breakage.

CH: Is their anything you’re offering at McIntyres to help improve the client experience of Nioxin?
KM: We have a private area for more sensitive clients who may not want to discuss specific concerns in public. We also often use Nioxin Diaboost when blow-drying to help give extra volume as it increases the thickness of hair strands