Dundee salons’ Permanent Blow dry’ beats the Frizz

McIntyres ‘Permanent Blow Dry’ is another breakthrough hairdressing product that eliminates frizz reducing daily styling to almost maintenance free

This in depth salon treatment lasts typically from 3-5 months . Applying Heat we fuse intense liquid protein ‘Keratin’ into the hair layer by layer leaving hair more manageable, softer, smoother and with enhanced shine
The Therapy encloses the hair shaft with a Keratin bond to promote healing and protects against environmental toxins, smoke, pollution and UV rays from entering the hair

The process is very gentle and ‘Keratin’ can be used on all hair types , colour, treated, chemically processed, bleached or highlighted hair. There is no damage to the hair in fact it actually puts an intense treatment invigourating and rejuvanating the hair leaving hair much healthier

The process can take anything from 1-3 hours results typically lasts for three to five months dpending on after care

This service is only recommended in salons and administered by trained professionals


For healthy shiny Frizz-Free hair there is no better salon treatment than the ‘Permanent Blow dry’ it really is a style saviour’ – Kay McIntyre

For more technical information click here ‘Permanent Blow dry’