ghd curve launches!

ghd has launched FOUR new professional hairdressing tools! The Classic Curl Tong (smaller barrel) Soft Curl Tongs (larger barrel) ,a Classic Wave Wand and Creative Curl Wand (Conical)
OK so why do we have to wait on tongs and wands heating up? Well now you don’t have to! ghd have thrown the preverbial ‘Curve’ ball…sorry had to get that in!
After revolutionising the hair styling industry and having spent the last decade reinventing their legendary hair straighteners ,Good Hair Day have just literally gone and done it again.
All tongs & wands heat up to optimum temperature for best curling hair after just 15-20 seconds Kay McIntyre the salons creative Director and member of the British Hairdressing ‘Hall of Fame’which says ‘This has all the hallmarks of another game changer!” ghd’s are claiming that their styling tongs & wands create curls “That Last as long as you do”
ghd Curve uses industry patented technology including Trizone which is used on their premium ‘Eclipse ghd’s models as well as a host of sleek hi-tech innovations to bring a welcomed addition not just to the salon industry but to the consumer
These new professional hair innovation styling tools each cost £110 and are available in salon or online from Monday 8th September