ghd Unveils New Bodyguard Products for Every Hair Type

ghd bodyguard collection

At mcIntyres Salons we’ve always taken pride in providing top-notch hair care solutions to our valued clients. Understanding the needs of hair types, especially in terms of protection and maintenance lies at the core of our services. We are excited to introduce two products from ghd – a name, in hair protection technology. Meet the ghd Bodyguard Heat Protection Spray for Coloured Hair and the ghd Bodyguard Heat Protect Spray for Fine & Thin Hair.

Embracing Coloured Hair
Adding colour to your hair is a way to showcase your individuality and fashion sense. It comes with its challenges, particularly related to heat damage. The ghd Bodyguard. Heat Protection Spray for Coloured Hair is designed to be a trusted companion for your locks. This crafted spray not only shields your hair from heat damage but also helps maintain your colour’s vibrancy and longevity. Its unique formula forms a transparent barrier that safeguards your hair’s radiance while keeping it healthy and resilient, against styling tool heat.

Protecting Fine & Thin Hair
We understand the challenges that come with managing thin hair especially when using heat styling tools that can cause damage and breakage. The ghd Bodyguard – Heat Protect Spray, for Fine & Thin Hair is tailored to address these issues. This variation of the ghd Bodyguard line provides heat protection while catering to the needs of those with hair textures. It adds volume and body without weighing down your strands ensuring that your hair looks lively and full. With this product, you can style your hair confidently knowing it’s shielded against heat-induced stress and damage.

Why Choose ghd Bodyguard?
ghd has a reputation for hair care innovation and the Bodyguard series is no different. Both products feature the ghd heat protection system, which helps prevent cuticle damage by enhancing the smoothness of the hair surface. This not improve heat styling results. Also reduces hair breakage significantly. By using ghd Bodyguard you’re not just protecting your hair; you’re investing in its long-term health and beauty.

Embrace Protection
Whether you want to protect your locks or maintain healthy volume in your fine hair McIntyres Salons offers these latest products, from ghd to meet your needs.
Including these hair sprays, in your hair care routine goes beyond aiming for healthier hair; it shows a dedication to preserving the strength of your hair no matter how often you style it.

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