Nioxin UK Ambassador Kay McIntyre launches Recharging Complex™ Nioxin’s new hair multi-vitamin supplements

Kay McIntyre, launches Nioxin  ‘Recharging Complex™’  A new multi vitamin food supplement by Nioxin, the World No.1 professional salon brand for thicker fuller hair. This new dimension from Nioxin ‘Recharging complex™  launches in London to selected bloggers, invited guests and media representatives. Nioxin Recharging Complex™ is a a food supplement with Biotin and Zinc and is specifically formulated with a unique blend of vitamins and minerals that are custom designed to boost hair, nails and skin. What is significant about this new innovation is that these multi vitamins are created by the worlds leading hair loss specialists. Nioxin’s pedigree through it’s technology and scientific approach has achieved a global leading award winning hair system, dedicated to achieving and maintaining a healthy hair and scalp which is now further amplified by this inside out total approach. Kay McIntyre 3 times ‘Scottish Hairdresser of the Year’  and in British Hairdressing Awards ‘Hall of Fame’ is Nioxin’s UK Ambassador for the last 5 years and says its been in development for years and is delighted to announce its arrival. Kay says ‘Having launched Diaboost, Instant Fullness, Color Lock, the new system kits, 3D styling and most of Nioxin’s amazing products the ‘Recharging Complex ™’ multi vitamin and mineral supplements are another innovation brought by Nioxin that even further improves your hair regime.  This complete approach will address the challenges of eating the right balanced diet , juggling a work/life balance, the new food supplement compliments Nioxin’s external 3 – part system to deliver the best ever results for your hair and scalp The cost of these supplements are £30 per pack for a months supply however if you buy 3 months it reduces to £80 equivalent to 66p per day for each tablet, you also don’t need to buy them together to achieve the lower price.  ‘Thinning hair is a broad issue affecting 50 % of women and men wether its acute or chronic the main reasons are genetic, stress related, your diet and health , medication and of course the environment. Nioxin now has the complete solution to help get closer to a fuller and healthier hair and scalp”.  McIntyres introduced Nioxin to its professional range of salon hair care solutions over 15 years ago when Nioxin was an independent brand and in this time its developed into the world no.1 Salon Brand for thicker fuller hair supported by the Institute of Trichologists  Buy Nioxin Recharging complex™ direct from mcIntyres salons or online at      

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