Kay McIntyre Nioxin UK Ambassador launches Nioxin 3D Styling range

Nioxin 3D styling range is launched by Kay McIntyre ,UK Nioxin Ambassador and three times ‘Scottish Hairdresser of the Year’ . Kay launched the range in London to the eager UK hair & beauty press including Marie Claire, Elle,Grazia, Hairdressers Journal International ,Stylist, Tatler, Creative Head etc…

The range has eight products including Thickening Cream, Bodifying Foam, Thickening Gel, Niospray Stong Hold, Therm Active Protector, Rejuvinating Elixir,Definition Creme and Niospray Regular Hold.

Kay says ‘Now you can combine mix and layer Nioxin 3D styling products into your hair with greater confidence, this completes the Nioxin system and its simply unbeatable’

Light Plex™ is the technology behind four of the new Nioxin3D styling products providing light flexible hold.
ProThick technology boosts the diameter for thickness and hold.

“As a hairdresser, I know that many people who experience thinning or fine hair can often be nervous about using styling products as they don’t want to weigh their hair down. Nioxin styling gives clients the confidence to play with new styles , whilst making the most of the hair they have, knowing its going to give them the style they desire. Nioxin 3D styling has been designed to work with the Nioxin System kits to give clients a complete solution for thicker, fuller looking hair”

Shop online at mcIntyres to buy or see a description of all of the styling products online at www.mcintyres.co.uk/shop
The links below are step by step looks by Kay McIntyre on mcIntyres real life models all of which use Nioxin products