Kay’s models shine at UK Nioxin Conference London Wella Studio

The UK Nioxin conference was held on Monday at the London Wella Studio were attendees were given a unique insight into what drives the success of this amazing brand – Education. Nioxin works for every hair type and claims to create thicker fuller hair, its heritage is best known as a solution to hair thinning, however. stylists from leading salons across the country were shown its versatility and how great it works on every hair type and given a lecture on specialist knowledge about the wonders and unique characteristics of hair loss from leading professor and trichologist who dispelled all the myths and the do’s and dont’s about what is harmful to your hair.
Kay McIntyre ‘three times ‘Scottish Hairdresser of the Year’ then presented helpful tips on how to style , cut and colour hair from the ‘Nioxin Expert’ course she has devised together with the UK Nioxin Education team and the powerful use of how Nioxin can help achieve amazing results, see Kays before and after model pictures from the link below.
I am sure the format and the content of the ‘Nioxin Expert’ course would provide incredible insight even to the most knowledgeable industry veterans and was an inspiration to all in attendance. Kay has also renewed her role as Uk Brand Ambassador for a second year.