Keratin Smoothing Treatment Explained

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A Keratin smoothing treatment is a great way to reduce frizz and save you a while load of time straightening your hair each morning. The treatment lasts up to 4 months, with the correct products and care, and is a simple in-salon procedure we’ve explained below. The Keratin Dundee salon to visit is mcIntyres, with over 10 years experience carrying out the process and multiple trained staff. We use Kerastraight products for our keratin smoothing treatment, their step by step follows:

Keratin Dundee - step by step process explained


We begin by shampooing the hair twice with a PreTreatment Cleanser. For very curly and resistant hair we leave the second shampoo on for 5 minutes, and cover with a plastic cap, before rinsing.

We then apply Pre-Treatment Spray Plus in sections onto towel dried hair and comb it through concentrating on the most porous areas.


Kerastraight’s Ultimate treatment is applied in 2 – 3cm sections, close to the root, but not onto the root itself. We are careful not to apply onto the skin then leave the treatment to sink in for 30-45 minutes. We ensure all hair is kept damp during the treatment by covering with a plastic cap.

Keratin Dundee - step by step process explained
Keratin Dundee - step by step process explained


We rinse your hair for 20 seconds but do not shampoo. White and light blonde hair is rinsed longer, for one extra minute.
We then gently squeeze the moisture out and apply Moisture Lock. That’s combed through and left for 2 minutes before rinsing for 30 seconds.


We blow dry hair 100%. On teh first pass we iron the hair from roots to ends in one smooth motion and leave to cool for 2 seconds. We then continue ironing using the recommended heat setting and number of passes. Ironing hair slowly in 2 – 3cm sections using the EasyComb.

On the final pass, for the ultimate final finish, we iron the hair once at 180°C in large sections but are careful not to iron white hair above 190°C.

Keratin Dundee - step by step process explained
Keratin Dundee - step by step process explained


Your hair can be shampooed after just 30 minutes, although most people will prefer to leave and shampoo themselves at home.
Remember that it’s essential that your hair MUST be rinsed for 3 – 5 minutes before first shampoo.

Moisture Enhance or Volume Enhance Shampoo and Conditioner should always be used as they are Sodium Chloride and Sulphate free and contain KS Complex to maximise the treatments benefits and longevity.

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