Lorraine Kelly launches Dundee Edition of Monopoly with Discovery Point opposite mcIntyres securing Mayfair position

Dundee’s edition of Monopoly was launched today and the top visitor attraction Discovery Point adjacent to mcIntyres Union Street salon was awarded the coveted ‘Mayfair’ position. The city of Dundee was chosen ahead of some others respected regions in Scotland and is in keeping with the upward momentum of the city’s regeneration, ahead of the V&A and waterfront developments. The mcIntyres Union Street salon received a regeneration of Scotland award, British Civic trust commendation and special award by the Dundee’ Lord Provost so its great to see this area become such a vital part of the city’s future. Apparently there is some difference between the values of Dundee and Dundee United football clubs grounds positioned side by side that will no doubt keep the rivalry going. Celebrity and morning TV chat show host Lorraine Kelly, one of the city’s most famous ambassadors is also featured as a community chest prize, were you can win ‘Lunch with Lorraine’
Other notable landmarks are McManus Galleries, Desperate Dans statue,Dundee Airport,Bell Street as the jail and the publishers of The Courier,Beano and Evening Telegraph’s DC Thomson’s building, The Caird Hall and Broughty Castle
It is sure to be a popular christmas gift this year and great to see Dundee secure more exposure