McIntyres presents the Science of Hair and Scalp Clinic at Dundee’s Science Festival

McIntyres will be presenting 2 Demonstrations and discussions as part of the Dundee’s Science Festival 2011, on !st November we shall be hosting the ‘Science of Hair’ where our ‘Art team’ will be on hand to showcase the more scientific aspects of hair, ever wondered why the Sun lightens your hair but darkens your skin? What causes split ends, or causes hair to go grey? Or what makes some people Blond and others Brunette?Find out by attending this Free event on Tuesday from 6PM- 7PM at the Union Street Salon,near Discovery point, opposite train station in Dundee, City Centre Booking essential!
The Second presentation is on Wednesday running throughout the day from 12 noon to 5PM and is a Scalp Clinic, using a Scalp Microscope we can analyse your hair and scalp to show the health and condition of your hair and offer diagnosis perhaps leading to correcting dietary or ailments and recommend improvements, this is offered in 20 minutes sessions and costs £5 redeemable against any purchases, again booking is essential.
You can contact us by email or call the Union Street salon on 01382 202030 to book!