mcIntyres Wins Customer Service Award

Exciting news today as we’ve won the top award for outstanding customer service. The prestigious review platform, Salon Spy, awarded the award based on the large number of positive reviews from verified customers.

Salon Spy is known for providing honest reviews and feedback on hair salons nationwide. Winning this award puts mcIntyres in a great position showing that we always bring customers the best service possible.

Good customer service is very important in the hairdressing industry. A salon must encourage customers to return and give others good referrals about the salon. mcIntyres did this to perfection, making us a standout in the industry with great word-of-mouth referrals.

People who have visited the salon have said numerous good things about it. They like the professional advice provided to them, the friendly atmosphere and the expert hairdressers who listen to their wishes. This approach makes getting your hair done a great experience, not just a routine appointment. The awards also highlight how mcIntyres have adapted during the difficult times of the global pandemic. They have maintained a high quality of service by respecting safety regulations and providing advice on the Internet. This way, people can stay safe at home while still receiving quality advice.

The mcIntyres team aims to satisfy our customers. We will continue to combine new ideas with personalized service. This approach ensures that every customer leaves with a great haircut and a smile on their face. This shows that we believe in the old saying:
The customer is always right.