New Hair Thinning & Hair Loss Service

We’re launching a new service this week as salon director Kay McIntyre puts her expertise to good use offering a consultation appointment to help women with hair thinning and hair loss.

Building on her role working as Nioxin’s UK Ambassador, Kay is now offering one-to-one appointments using her wealth of knowledge diagnosing and treating hair thinning and hair loss, particularly in women.

Hair thinning has many causes including genetics, stress, poor diet, or other gender specific reasons, such as pregnancy or menopause. You can now book a one-to-one video appointment and let Kay help you handle this distressing condition.

Carried out over Zoom video conferencing means a private environment with no visit to the salon as we recognise how hair thinning & loss makes many self conscious and affects self esteem.

Read more about the appontment and book your spot here.