Nioxin helps tackle Trichotillomania by restoring healthy fuller hair and treating scalp

Nioxin is the best system to use to encourage the 840,000 sufferers in the UK who have the condition trichotillomania (TTM) by helping them to stop pulling their hair out. A recent story below on BBC News explains the condition and a particularly honest case study. Kay McIntyre, Nioxin UK Ambassador and 3 times ‘Scottish Hairdresser of the Year’ explains stress is a big concern and the number one reason for thinning hair by male and female, Nioxin is the only professional haircare product recommended by the intsitute of Trichologists of its type and by other leading experts. Nioxin works as a professional haircare system that builds from the scalp and boosts the new keratin hair. Perhaps by using the Nioxin system and other hair restorative products like Nioxin Diaboost we can encourage those to stop pulling at their hair and psychologically they will start to quickly see results and by showing them doing something to repair the damage , essentually doing them good, then hopefully they will stop ‘self harming’ their hair and scalp
Although this is a suggestion and only provides a cosmetic answer to this condition we hope it gives those suffering hair loss some kind of action plan to deal with trichotillomania ‘often starting by twiddling at their hair’ and helps to face up to and tackle the true cause and effects.
The Nioxin System has a very easy to understand system and has starter kits numbered from 1 to 6 depending on your hair type and explained in our online shop, to buy any products follow the Buy Nioxin link below.

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