Nioxin rebrand at Wella World Studio London with UK Ambassador Kay McIntyre

                  Nioxin professional hair and scalp system

Nioxin celebrated it’s rebrand with UK Ambassador Kay McIntyre showcasing break-through technology to invited media, guest artists and selected panelists at the Wella World Studio in London. Nioxin are the world’s No.1 salon brand for thicker fuller hair and revealed the new Nioxin branding to the press, highlighting the brands first innovations in hair colour protection technology and new upgraded system kit formulations.

Nioxin hosted a series of events including a Q&A with a select ‘confidence consultation panel’ 

Wella World Studio London
Kay McIntyre hosting Q&A Panel at Wella World Studio London

The panelists – Blogger Robin James who uses the kits religiously, Philippa Bloom , Fashion Editor at You Magazine, Ashleigh Dougherty ‘micro-influencer’ and Kay McIntyre, McIntyres salon group creative Director, 3 Times ‘Scottish Hairdresser of the Year’ and British Hairdresser of the Year Awards ‘Hall of Fame’ member now 5 years into the UK Ambassador role has used Nioxin in her salons for over 15 years and very much endorses that the key to strong hair is a good scalp.

New Colour Technology, Nioscope 2.0 and Nioxin APP  

The new Nioxin system kits mark the introduction of the Nioxin brands first innovations into colour protection with the new Pro-Color Shield Technology which is also in the colour system kits, removing environmental residues from the hair and scalp that can accelerate colour fade, promoting enhanced colour protection and longevity.

The new Nioxin  3D ‘Color Lock’ Therapy is a revolutionary post colour hair treatment that will seal in the colour increases breakage protection during shampooing process by up to 50%

Nioscope 2.0 and Nioxin APP World’s No1 salon brand for thicker fuller hair

Along with the new product development Kay hosted the ‘Scalp Consultation Station‘ demonstrating Nioscope 2.0 a more powerful magnification tool that attaches to your phone and syncs with the new Nioxin App client consultation integration tool, designed to diagnosis hair and scalp concerns quicker.

 The panel were taking questions via twitter with the tag #AskKay and are calling on all Nioxin fans to send their questions. Follow Nioxin on Twitter @NioxinProducts,  Facebook @NioxinGlobal

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