Sebastian Launches new hair range

Hairdressing brand Sebastian has launched an new innovative hairdressing range ‘Remix’ touchable Textures
influenced by mixers, musicians and artists.
With hair as your canvas and style as its sound mix and remix, this is the Microfiber story

A new wave of Sebastian Styler, designed to create touchable textures front stage for the movement is Micky Green.
An unconditional self-made songstress she is Mmicroweb Fibre’s visionary and leading figure

Elastic Texturiser
For any hair texture and length evenly distribute and emulsify into the palms
Work fibre into dry hair for separation, flexible texture, scrunch, press or twist for extra texture

Remoldable Matte Texturiser
Earth Minerals touchable matte finish hold work through dry hair to change texture
rub on roots to rough up and add volume best for short to medium hair

Soft Dry Texturizer
Gently hold that style softly shape the hardest of heads
mold and shape in dry hair use fingers for more tousled definition, layer as desired

Texture Mix
Clay-Cream rinse off formula dries to hard shell under heat gripping texture to thicken
and soften.Adjusted depending on individuals needs, heated and allowed to dry into a shell before rinsing for instant thickening, a secondary styling product can be applied for extra volume

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