Sebastian’s Cult Team Shoot 3 Bowie Inspired Covers For Hairdressers Journal

McIntyres Salons’ own Michael Howie has his work featured, as part of the Sebastian Professional Cult Team, across the three David Bowie inspired covers of this month’s Hairdressers Journal.

Out tomorrow, 6th September, the three alternate covers feature looks inspired by iconic rock star David Bowie as he enjoys another career high following the release of this year’s ‘The Next Day’ album, his first in ten years.

Talking about the shoot, and working alongside Hob Studios’ Sean Dawson, Michael said, “We’ve all learnt so much from Sean. He’s been taking us through all of the looks and how he would put them together and then giving us the reigns and letting us do our own interpretation as well.”

Talking about the choice of David Bowie as the shoot’s inspiration, Sean Dawson said, “There are few style icons out there with as many personas as David Bowie. It is the mystery as well as the iconic looks that have always fascinated me. He’s a deeply private person who rarely gives interviews, which is a total contrast to the flamboyant identities he has portrayed. With his androgynous look, both men and women find him attractive, and similarly both men and women can adopt his looks. Each look represents more than just clothes and make-up, and is a total immersion of a character. Even aged 66, his latest work is another demonstration of his timeless comprehension of youth culture.”

Asked about the finished result Kay McIntyres said she was “really exited to see the Journal! Some great shapes and colours are very strong. I love it! Congratulations and well done all.”

Watch a behind the scenes film from the shoot below.