Shu Uemura Launch Cleansing Oil Range

Shu Uemura are to launch a new Cleansing Oil range including an anti-oil astringent cleanser and an anti-dandruff soothing cleanser.

The Anti-oil Astringent Cleanser is enriched with yuzu extract, renowned for its astringent properties used to slow down the production of oil and provide hair with a fresh sensation, the cleansing oil formula draws out oil from root to tips. Each hair fiber is infused with extreme lightness and a unique nude touch.

While the Anti-dandruff Soothing Cleanser is enriched with shiso extract, well-known for its antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties. The cleansing oil formula deeply cleanses, detoxifies and rebalances the scalp and hair with each hair fiber is protected from dandruff, leaving the scalp and hair soothed with a unique neat touch.

Both products will soon be available to buy via McIntyres Salons online shop.