shu uemura volume maker new dry styling precision hair powder brush

Volume Maker from shu uemura is the first hair product of its kind from the luxury designer haircare brand, its dry application makes it an innovative solution to maintaining hairstyles without washing the hair. This unique invisible powder is the first precision hair powder brush that gives texture, body along with instant root lift. Volume Maker helps refresh any blow-dry. It’s the perfect must have summer festival hair product. Volume Maker is versatile, can produce long lasting hairstyles, the invisible, fragrance-free powder works on all hair colours too.

Volume Maker is designed to be used on dry hair, neatly separate the sections, place the powder brush at the root area, one click and stroke side-to-side, then use the fingers and massage to distribute over the desired area.

McIntyres Salon’s Top Tip: For added volume, backcomb the hair after applying the product.
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