Soothe Or Energise Your Hair With Kerastase Fusio Scrubs

We’ve just added two new amazing Kerastase products to the online store to help you keep your hair looking amazing.

Choose between the soothing Scrub Apaisant or the energising Scrub Energisant. Both offer a deep cleanse of your hair and scalp, removing product build up and allowing for stronger, healthier and more beautiful hair.

Scrub Apaisant is suited to dry and sensitive scalps and can help to combat dryness, dandruff and flakiness. It uses sweet orange peel, jojoba, madecassoside and vitamin b5 to cleanse the scalp leaving a relaxing and soothing feeling.

Scrub Energisant is best for oil prone scalp and hair and helps combat oiliness and dandruff. Ingredients include sea salt, vitamin b6 and salicylic acid to intensely cleanse the scalp, improving shine and leaving it feeling energised.

Both should be applied to wet hair and massaged in, adding a little water to build a lather before rinsing.

Buy Kerastase Scrub Apaisant and Scrub Energisant from mcIntyres online shop today.