Vidal Sassoon dies – The worlds most famous hairdresser and legend RIP

Vidal Sassoon has died aged 84. The worlds most famous hairdresser and iconic brand name in the hairdressing industry was pronounced dead at his home in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning. The London born, creative hair genius was famed for introducing precision hair cutting, in particular, the geometric bob that became the Sassoon brand’s outstanding signature haircut for decades.
In 2011, he released a highly acclaimed documentary Vidal Sassoon :The Movie that charted his amazing story in particular his rise from the London fashion movement in the 60’s and went on a tour of movie theatres.He is a true inspiration to so many artists,stylists,hairdressers, celebrity hairstylists, his contribution to the hairdressing world is immense and he will be mourned by an industry that loved him so much. His legend will remain as tributes continue to rain in – Vidal Sassoon RIP 9th May 2012