Vidal Sassoon The Movie The Hair Stylist the Hair Icon and hairdressing Legend

Vidal Sassoon the Movie finally hits screens at cinemas around the UK from 16th May and its a film hairdressers and salon owners alike have been waiting to see.Kay McIntyre owner and founder of McIntyres salons,Dundee and current Scottish Hairdresser of the Year says, “I met Vidal Sassoon and his girlfriend with my husband John in the Cafe Paris after a hairdressing event in Berlin some years ago, it was quite bizarre’ Vidal Sassoon is a household name in hairdressing and this film tells his story or as New York Times puts it “Vidal Sassoon The Movie isn’t just the story of a brilliant fashion idea that swept the globe.It is a euphoric account of one man’s strenuous self-invention”. Arguably the most prominent name in hairdressing ever he spent time in an orphanage, was in WW11,had an apprenticeship with Alfred Cohen, had elocution classes,started a revolution in hairdressing in the sixties from London, a book ,TV show,international education,fame and building the brand all took their toll to be the most famous hairdresser in the world, he looks back on his legacy,philanthropy and an honour from The Queen.Vidal’s son Elan Sassoon has his own vision of hairdressing and is building what will be “The Harvard of hair Schools” with a $22million hair academy in the US the first to offer dormitories and when asked what advice he offered his son Vidal explained why technically he couldn’t since he had a noncompete with his older son and his agreement with Proctor & Gamble which owns the rights to his name, he did offer Elan Sassoon a quote from Winston Churchill (former Dundee MP) citing “Success consists of going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm