ghd Hair Straighteners, What’s The Difference Between Models?

We love ghd hair straighteners, or hair stylers, here at mcIntyres but something we get asked a lot is just what is the difference between the range?

ghd’s range adheres to the ‘good, better, best’ school of thought so even the budget choice of the ghd original IV styler is a great choice that’ll deliver a salon level of styling and straightening.

From there the range takes in the ghd mini hair straightener, perfect for fringes and shorter hair, and the ghd max styler with its wider plates, great for thick or curly hair.

Next is the ghd Gold styler and the premium ghd platinum+ hair straighteners. Finally there is also the new ghd unplugged cordless hair straighteners for touch ups on the go.

On top of these models, ghd has numerous limited editions and collaborative release. These include Christmas 2021 warm pewter finish range and the annual pink collection with proceeds going to breast cancer charity.

Where the range of ghd hair straighteners varies, besides mini or max plate size, is the technology used in each to monitor and optimise temperature for optimum styling.

ghd Hair Straighteners

ghd Original IV Hair Straightener

The ghd original IV hair straightener uses ceramic technology to deliver the optimum 185 degrees to its floating plates via one sensor.

ghd Mini Hair Straightener

The ghd mini hair straightener has narrower plates making them best for fringes and short hair. They use the same ceramic technology as the IV original straighteners with one sensor monitoring an optimum 185 degrees to the floating plates.

gdh Max Hair Straightener

The model was recently given a revamped but remains the choice for curly, long or thick hair. Its wider plates use a dual zone technology, with a sensor in each plate, to ensure even distribution of the 185 degrees optimum heat across both of the plates.

ghd Gold Styler

The ghd Gold hair straighteners also use the dual zone technology with a dedicated sensor in each plate to ensure optimum heat of 185 degrees across both of its plates. This is a great choice for everyday styling where you don’t need the wider plates of the Max.

ghd Gold styler with box
ghd Platinum+ Hair Straighteners

ghd Platinum+ Hair Straighteners

The premium choice of the range, the Platinum+ hair straighteners use ghd’s ultra zone predictive technology with an infinity sensor in each plate to monitor and deliver that 185 degree optimum temperature.

ghd Unplugged Cordless Hair Straighteners

The latest development from ghd is the cordless ghd Unplugged model. Using the same dual zone technology as the Gold model it offers on the go touch ups with up to 20 minutes of styling time.