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Luxe Oil 100ml

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Transform hair texture with the new most luxurious and precious ’SP Luxe Oil’.

The delicate Reconstructive Elixir, enriched with Argan, Jojoba and Almond oils, infuses into the hair structure to transform it from inside and out and protect the Keratin, leaving instant and long lasting smoothness.

Oil ingredients : Use of 3 of the most precious and luxurious oils:
Argan Oil – Known as “liquid gold” and famous for its nutritive, cosmetical and medicinal qualities.
Almond Oil – Known for its superior hydrating power and lightweight properties.
Jojoba Oil – Renowned for its cosmetic value and particularly suitable for fragile and dry ends.

Can be used on Wet hair to smoothe, soften, protect and define or on Dry hair to moisturises, smoothe, illuminate and recondition.

Buy SP Luxe Oil, a delicate reconstructive elixir enriched with Argan, Jojoba and Almond oils, from McIntyres online shop.