Dyson Supersonic First Impressions by Kay McIntyre

So just what’s all the fuss about?

Well, Dyson the world’s innovative and leading vacuum cleaner manufacturers has invested an estimated £70m+ entering the consumer and professional hairdryer technology market with the most expensive production hairdryer to date, the new Dyson Supersonic.

Should their competitors be worried? How are they going to engage the professional salon industry? Is the Technology as good as it looks?
We ask McIntyre’s Salon’s Creative Director and three times ‘Scottish Hairdresser’ of the Year and international ‘Hall of Fame’ member Kay McIntyre to put the new device through its paces, drying the toughest hair of the most discerning critics – the salons senior stylists, the ones with very thick and naturally curly, frizzy hair.

Firstly, Dyson looks like the Apple of the hairdryer manufacturers, the packaging, the approach, the branding, the videos and their launch are all akin to a new iPhone launch worthy of the most successful technology manufacturer on the planet and you’d have to say they would have even given Apple a run for their money on this one, it looks amazing and has captured the industry’s imagination

The Package consists of hairdryer, 2 magnetic nozzles, a smoothing and a larger styling concentrator, a Diffuser, non slip mat, storage hanger, warranty and operating manual.

Having got excited with the cool packaging and hype, switching the dryer on and feeling its power, the initial fear was it is going to sound like a vacuum but no its got a softer sound than the existing professional dryers in use in our salons, so reduced noise another major plus point especially if there’s 10+ hairdryers going at any one time.

Talking with and listening to your client whilst being able to hear what’s playing on the salon stereo are all huge benefits, it’s also lighter and feels more flexible in your hand. The magnetic nozzles are simply, a step forward, the heat limiting microchip optimizes to 180 degrees works perfectly and you can feel the technology working.

On my first blow dry it did actually feel amazing, I had my hair dried and it took less time, approx 40%, the hair felt smoother and shinier, not just my opinion but Vicky our educator had also found this as we went through the differences together, with hair extensions and frizzy coloured hair that had bleach, we went through the gears with the Dyson and we were not disappointed. It’s performed as described. It was fun, exciting and a genuine thrill.

So is the new Dyson Supersonic worth £299? So far, for me, yes, it’s definitely better, by design and by results. The build quality and the rigors of the salon have yet to be tested especially as the salon model (soon to launch) according to Dyson has some cosmetic differences although carries only a 6 months warranty; the warranty is 2 years for the consumer model.
It’s fantastic to have such an innovative brand join the industry and look forward to seeing how Dyson engage the salon professionals as they can only be an asset introducing better technology that’s as easy on the arm as it is on the eye.
Perhaps if Dyson could connect the dryer to our Dyson cleaner we could have a multi-functional device? I guess they must have thought about this
Kay McIntyre,
McIntyres, Scotland