Hair Stylist Appreciation Day

It’s Hair Stylist Appreciation Day!

Now clients can recognise the amazing contribution your stylist makes to all our lives directly

National Hairstylist Appreciation Day is observed annually on April 30th. On this day, we are encouraged to honour hairstylists everywhere who make artful hairstyles possible. A talented hairstylist will not only make you look good but also make you feel good. This day also celebrates the uniqueness of all styles of hair.

So come on, celebrate your hairstylist by thanking them for their kindness, lending ear, moral boosting, confidence building and self-esteem building talents.

At McIntyres many of our wonderful clients bring in cakes , chocolates or send our stylists flowers many times throughout the year , so on this day if you dont have time to give an appreciation card, leave an extra special tip or maybe send a gift! Then why not share your appreciation on our Facebook page, at reviews, remember to use the first name of your hairstylist at

We already have hundreds of 5 Star reviews from clients who have already shown their appreciation which always makes your stylist happy

The best review will recieve a complimentary gift Voucher and the stylist with the best review shall receive a special prize

Thank You