ghd Pink Diamond Limited Edition Hair Straightener Set Revealed

Luxury hair styling brand ghd have revealed their latest limited edition styler, the ghd V Pink Diamond hair straightener set.

It’s customary that ghd introduce a Pink styler as part of their charity and amazing fund raising drive around Breakthrough Breast Cancer and have so far raised over £7million by donating a percentage of each ghd Pink Diamond limited edition hair styler sold.

The new ghd Pink Diamond V Set is priced at £135. It is based on the latest technology, has a rich pink metallic finish and includes a styling matching Paddle Brush free and with the current trade-in summer promotion of £20.00 off when you bring any unwanted electrical hair appliance, a very generous offer overall indeed.

McIntyres has endorsed ghd since its inception and work closely with the brand with Kay McIntyre, the current ‘Scottish Hairdresser of the Year’, helping launch their most ambitious ghd Eclipse styler earlier this year around the UK.

ghd are among the top 100 cool brands in Dazed & Confused’s Brand Bible and have continue to lead the luxury hair straightener/styler brands. Renowned for their imaginative and consistent limited edition product launches, ghd have cornered the market and brought a new dimension to the hair styling industry.

Buy the new limited edition ghd V Pink Diamond hair straighteners In-Salon or from McIntyres Salons’ online shop.

The ghd Pink Diamond limited edition hair straightener set includes the ghd V pink diamond styler, a matching pink ghd paddle brush, a keepsake box with a £10 donation from the sale going to the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity. Find out more about ghd and Breakthrough Breast Cancer on the ghd website.