Introducing ‘Twisted’ Hair Products for Curly Hair

Twisted hair care for curly hair at McIntyres Hair Salons in Dundee

NEW Sebastian Professional Twisted Hair Products for Curly Hair – Available To Buy From McIntyres Salons in Dundee

Those clever people at Sebastian Professional have come up with a range of six hair care & styling products that will revolutionise the way you handle your curly hair.  

The new Twisted Collection is infused with patented technoloy designed to work with the curl, helping to lock in moisture, define curl, revive and detangle. 

As a Sebastian Grand Salon with strong links to the brand, McIntyres Salons are among the first in the UK to stock and sell this fantastic hair care and styling range.   We share the same visionary outlook when it comes to your hair, so are delighted to recommend the Twisted range, while also welcoming industry icon Robert Lobetta back as Creative Visionary at Sebastian Professional.

How To Get Curly Hair That Is Frizz-Free, Strong & Bouncy 

Twisted hair care for curly hair at McIntyres Hair Salons in Dundee

The new Sebastian Professional Twisted Collection is infused with underwater plant technology which aims to enhance the hair’s natural beauty, keeping it frizz-free, bouncy and strong.

Flexi-Alg Complex is a breakthrough technology that gives curls the same elasticity and ability to resist environmental forces as underwater plants. Its unique blend forms an elastic coating around each individual hair strand which results in 70% more elastic flexibility, bounciness, moisture, anti-frizz and definition for up to 48 hours.

Twisted Elastic Cleanser 

This shampoo is designed for curly hair to give you stronger, long-lasting bounce.  It gently washes in moisture, injecting each hair strand with elasticity for easier styling.

Twisted Elastic Detangler

A curl conditioner that will detangle your hair and lock in moisture, boosting elasticity to make your curls easier to style.  

Twisted Elastic Treatment

This curl mask will nourish and strengthen the hair fibre, while protecting the hair against humidity.  This will help to fight frizz and tame your curls.

Twisted Curl Lifter Foam 

If you are looking for gravity-defying shape and softness, the Twisted Curl Lifter will boost your hair’s elasticity and control frizz to give you curls that bounce.  No stickiness or crunchiness, just all-day resistance for natural looking curls.

Twisted Curl Magnifier 

This curl cream will polish and define your curls without adding weight, stiffness or crunchiness.  It will help to fight daily frizz and dryness to give you touchable, natural-looking curls.  

Twisted Curl Reviver Spray 

Revive your curls with this on-the-spot styling spray.  Your hair will be more manageable and your frizz controlled with this weightless curl spray.


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