Kay McIntyre launches NIOXIN Instant Fullness

Kay McIntyre launches NIOXIN Instant FullnessThe world’s leading brand for thinning hair, NIOXIN, has announced its first-ever on-the-go product designed to give you hair instant fullness.  

NIOXIN Instant Fullness Dry Cleanserwhich will leave your hair up to two times fuller* after just one spray, available now at mcIntyres salons in Dundee.

NIOXIN understands that self-esteem and confidence issues can be affected by thinning, flat hair. In a digital age where a photo-opportunity occurs every second, image is more important than ever, from personal style through to the appearance of your hair. Products not only need to give a fuller look but they have to be able to keep up with an ‘always on’ lifestyle.

During the day, oil builds up in your hair which can cause it to fall flat.  NIOXIN Instant Fullness Dry Cleanser will absorb this excess sebum and add diameter to individual hair strands.  Your scalp will also feel clean and refreshed.  

If you are looking for the answer to fuller hair every day, give your hair an instant fix of fullness at home or on the go with Instant Fullness. Instant Fullness is available now exclusively at mcIntyres salons Dundee.

£16.99 180ml and £8.99 65ml

(*vs. hair treated with a 24 hour average amount of sebum)

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