Hairstyle Ideas for Bridesmaids

Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Bridesmaids at McIntyres Hair & Beauty Salons in Dundee

When it comes to planning wedding hairstyles for the bridal party, brides will often give some direction and then let their bridesmaids decide on exactly what it is they want. There is no one set rule to planning the perfect bridesmaid’s hairstyle, as age, face shape, style and personal taste may vary. There are plenty of bridal and wedding hairstyles to suit different face shapes and personalities.

From plaited hairstyles for weddings, tousled waves or romantic wedding curls check out our quick guide to wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids brought to you by the wedding and bridal hair specialists at McIntyres Hair & Beauty Salons in Dundee

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Plaited Hair Styles for Bridesmaids at Top Dundee Hair Salon

Most likely, your bridesmaids will have differing face shapes, age groups and fashion tastes. In such cases, wedding plaits make the perfect bridal hair style if you are after a more uniform look. A simple addition of a twist can give a more modern and youthful appearance.

If you want to jazz up a simple tied back bridal hair, plaited bridal hairstyles are the solution, as you can mix them up with other hairstyles.

Curly Hair Hairstyle for Brides & Bridesmaids

With some big bouncy attractive curls, your bridesmaids are sure to turn heads. What we love about curls is that they come in different forms and can be tweaked or personalised to suit each one of your bridesmaids. This means each bridesmaid can wear a curly hairstyle that is uniquely tailored to them.

The additional use of hairstyling products can give texture to hair and create a tousled beachy bridal look. There is also the option of a half up half down for a more contemporary look.

Modern Updo Wedding Hairstyle for Brides & Bridesmaids

Hair that is worn up, away from the face and tightly pinned down on the head is quite a common tradition bridal hairstyle. But who say’s all hairstyles must follow a conventional look?

There are many modern wedding updo’s to choose from and you can try going for a different wedding updo that gives a softer appearance.

 A really chic on-trend updo is the chignon, which is perfect if you are after a less formal yet classic look.

Elegant Bun Hairstyling Ideas for Bridesmaids

Buns are a great choice for a wedding look for bridesmaids if versatility is what you are after. Additionally, they can easily be incorporated into other hairstyles if needed.

The bun hairstyle can be worn up on the crown of the head to give a voluminous look or simply down the back of the neck.

You can make your bun really stylish by accessorising it or incorporating a twist into it.  You can also create a messy look with hairstyling products to allow the free flow of your hair.

Elegant Wedding Hair Accessories 

At McIntyres, we believe that any hairstyle can be made to look wedding friendly by simply adding some fabulous hair accessories.

Try adding flowers to your wedding hairstyle or add a bit of sparkle to your chosen bridal look with the addition of a diamante headband or glittery hair clip.

Jazz up a simple tied back hairstyle and make it look wedding ready by adding a ribbon or delicate bow.

Bridal Hair Extensions at McIntyres Hair & Beauty Salons in Dundee

Bridal hair extensions are a great way to add volume and length to hair. The bridal hair extension specialists at McIntyres Hair & Beauty Salons in Dundee will advise you on what will work best for you.

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