Kebelo Silk hair smoothing system

Kebelo is the leading luxury hair smoothing system producing frizz free hair for 100 days, now ‘Kebelo Silk‘Kebelo Silk only takes one hour to achieve smooth, anti frizz, flyaway hair adding strength and shine,that protects including split ends.Kebelo repairs and revitalises reduces styling time and detangles and ‘Kebelo Silk is their most advanced system to date.McIntyres has
much experience in hair smoothing with the initial buzz around Keratin and the ‘Permanent Blow Dry’ however with Kebelo it uses a unique mix that seems to tame unruly hair whilst getting the desired result that allows some movement to create a more natural smoothing feel.
The science – ‘Kebelo Silk – is an unique blend of hydrolyzed Keratin, organic quinoa protein, argan and jojoba oils, colour lock and heat protection technology combined with advanced cationic conditioners protects the hair from the elements and heat damage. This unique combination creates smooth,shiny easy to manage hair
For more information on Kebelo products particularly the new Kebelo Silk ask your stylist at McIntyres salons, Perth Road and Union Street,Dundee, Scotland or to buy the after care products follow the link to our online shop