Nioxin luxury haircare treatment creates fuller thicker hair

Nioxin is a luxury haircare range that can prevent thinning hair and help restore thinning hair to a fuller thicker set. To buy Nioxin products follow the link Relaunched and rebranded after a global purchase by Proctor & Gamble Nioxin is inspired by skincare and with a healthy scalp you are creating a platform for healthy hair. Over 50% of people are affected by thinning hair that lacks fulness and thickness – Nioxin claims to have the answer
Nioxin has established 3 biological factors at the heart of the hair thats become thinner first the scalp environement – if it is unbalanced due to a build up of sebum and dead skin cells then its going to effect how the skin looks. Second, growth cycles an interruption of which can lead to fewer actual strands of hair.Third, the structure of the hair – it changes over time due to wear and tear, chemical treatments build up of hairsprays, products that clog pours and simply age all effect hair and other factors like stress and health and medication can have an effect

The system
With this knowledge, Nioxin was able to develop a system that embraced each of these three factors and treat hair at its foundation – a healthy scalp results in healthier hair. It works in three steps: cleanse, optimise and treat. Step 1 involves specialist cleansing for hair and scalp to remove sebum, residue and pollution. Step 2 conditions and protects hair, which helps reduce hair loss through breakage. Step 3 optimises hair by thickening each strand of hair for a fuller look. Additional intensive treatments provide more targeted scalp and hair care for enhanced thickness and fullness. Nioxin is not a miracle cure and does not re-grow hair or camouflage loss – it actively makes hair look and feel thicker, helping you make the most of the hair that you have.

The collection comprises six regime choices, taking the fine tuned skincare approach (like skin, there is no single hair type). Each addresses the stage of thinning (minor to noticeable), hair texture (whether it is fine, medium or coarse), and whether hair is virgin or colour treated. Nioxin takes customisation a step further by incorporating hair technologies and ingredient combinations tailored to suit the individual. The scalp is an extension of the skin, and through addressing its health with skin loving botanical, hydrating and antioxidant ingredients this leads to hair that looks fuller and thicker. A healthy scalp makes for a healthy looking head of hair.

The ingredients
There are six key ingredient technologies or combinations, tailored to hair type and achieving a healthy scalp. Natural ingredients like white tea extract, peppermint oil, antioxidants and botanical extracts work in conjunction with the technologies to leave scalp clean, clear and healthy. Kukui nut oil and silk amino acids work on conditioning and strengthening which helps restore thickness, density and shine to the hair.

The results
Those facing thinning hair are looking for expert solutions they can trust. With over 20 years specialisation and the market leader in hair thinning in the USA, NIOXIN has an impressive list of accolades. A 2009 independent consumer study in the US showed that 83% of people concerned about thinning hair were satisfied that Nioxin protected their hair from damage, while 70% noticed their hair looked thicker and fuller in 30 days. In terms of helping to protect against hair loss, the specialist treatment Scalp Renew Density Restoration Treatment helps reduce hair loss by 54% in 30 days, through improving its condition and resilience, which makes hair less likely to fall. NIOXIN is also the no.1 stylist recommended thinning hair brand in the USA, winning the Stylist Choice Award for 10 years running.

Proven to help improve scalp health, NIOXIN is the ultimate solution for a healthier, thicker fuller look to your hair.

Nioxin is a hair care system designed to retune your hair and scalp, for men and women its available at McIntyres Salons Dundee,Scotland where we have been recommending its use as a trichology product , Nioxin is also endorsed by the institute of trichologists.Ask your stylist for more details at McIntyres salons or buy now at our shop