Lady Gaga’s top 10 hair styles

No other celebrity carries off the hairstyle variety that Lady Gaga does in such spectacular fashion, she truly is a hair chameleon with extravagant hair extensions, hair colour’s and hair-theatrics. The international music icon and superstar performer has released a track called ‘Hair’ from her new highly acclaimed album ‘Born this Way” and McIntyres thought we’d rank her top 10 hairstyles for you chosen by the salons founder Kay McIntyre and current ‘Scottish Hairdresser of the Year’ Kay is a long time admirer of Lady Gaga and includes a few of her famous hair faux pas too. Lady Gaga is as much a style icon with her controversial outfits as she is a music pop sensation and executes extra ordinary live shows. Lady Gaga creates a dynamic expectation live on stage however her vulnerability manifested backstage recently making her even more alluring to her adoring fans when she felt emotional and insecure leading to her curtain call at her sold out ‘Monster Ball’ 2011 world tour live at her home town New York at the famous Madison Square Gardens with dancers and back up entourage she entertained with passion and excitement and blew any insecurity away through a rapturous and engaging show with a ‘special audience’ connecting only the way Lady Gaga can. During the show sitting at the piano Lady Gaga paid tribute to Lisa Minnelli who she described was the role model she would quote when defending her artistic direction when her tutors from New York stage school cast doubt. Whether 5 times Grammy winner Lady Gaga has called her single ‘Hair ‘as a tribute to the star’s love affair with her locks or hair stylists she knows , we love it and proclaim her the ultimate hair goddess for demonstrating how versatile the songstress can be with her hair. Kay says ‘I love the chances she takes with her hair and how experimental she is, always avante garde, always pioneering and I’d love to show her some styles I think she’d be amazed by’
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