Princess Kate’s hair given Royal treatment by London hairdresser Richard ward

Princess Kate Windsor Middleton’s hair was classic for a Royal Wedding and looked regal wearing a tiara and veil combination with natural looking dressed hair it looked comfortable long and loose and suited such an occasion . London Hairdresser Richard Ward criticised by Great British Hairdresser James Brown should be commended for the Princess’s look and hair-styling, wearing it down was braver when it would have been so easy to just go with convention to dress the hair up. “With so much Royal Wedding bling it was perfect to have the hair down in a classic, polished hairstyle with the stunning M’Queen dress” says Kay McIntyre ‘Scottish Hairdresser of the Year’ What the Princess would do with her hair has been trending on Twitter and Facebook and the subject of curiosity and controversy worldwide through the media predicting and stirring up how the Princess should wear her hair. The weather is a consideration with the Met Office predicting rain and was a big factor. Richard Ward according to media reports was under strict instruction to make sure that when the Princess reached the alter Prince William would be able to recognise her. Richard and his senior hair stylists also styled the hair for Princess Kate’s sister Pippa’s and mother of the bride Carole. Kate Middleton proves that a girl from a middle class family marrying a real Prince joining the British Royal family is a genuine fairytale dream come true, witnessed around the world by millions in unprecedented media coverage for a Royal wedding. In St Andrews University were Kate and William met as students just a short distance from Dundee there were celebrations for the happy couple and you can sense the magnitude of their wedding day build through the live footage broadcast globally, The Queen’s subjects granted a national holiday to celebrate this salubrious event …hollywood eat your heart out.. when it comes to austerity the Brits still have the Royals