Sassoon pop-up salon at the V&A

Sassoon has created a pop-up salon at the V&A as part of the Records & Rebels exhibition that showcases the times of the late sixties where music and fashion produced a cultural revolution. Apart from this being an amazing experience to go and see, what’s really fantastic is that a hairdressing brand back then has been rightly credited retrospectively as being such an influencer of the times and movement but that significance this exhibition demonstrates how relevant the hair industry is equally as justified as being as big an influencer as it is today.
Nothing signals this more that the revolution that is taking place in Dundee with the anticapted new V&A Museum, yes if you didnt know there’s a new V&A under construction being created now at the heart of the city’s regeneration waterfront project , promising to be one of the most significant modern and innovative museums ever to be built this state-of-the-art iconic design in progress hopes to embrace the creative digital landscape like no other in the world is sure to be facinating.

Its being built adjacent to mcIntyres salon, so ever day we can visibly see the creative progress take shape and anticipate its creative impact on our city , it’s testiment to mcIntyres efforts in creating one of the most creative purpose built salons ever to be built in Scotland, winning a variety of accolades including a prestigious Regereration of Scotland Award and assisting in a small way economic development land the enterprise of the century (they say you make your own luck)
As a VIP guest of Sassoon this weekend mcIntyres Creative Director, Kay McIntyre attended Sassoon’s annual hair show at Salon international where the international artist team led a creative masterclass in cutting and colouring inspired by their current collection Poetica , Sassoon’s International creative director Marc Hayes was echoing his joy and respect of the V&A humbled at the triumph of the pop-up salon, where the Sassoon team will be operating a live salon on sunday’s only within the Records & Rewards exhibit and encouraging the hairdressing audience to attend.
McIntyres Managing Director,John O’Rourke also, founder and publisher of international publication Clash Magazine ,arguably the UK’s most creative and respected independent music magazine heralds the hair industry as inspiration to launch the title ,supported and funded by mcIntyres ,says the parallels can be drawn that hairdressing and music are equally as relevant today , Clash fashion content was inspired by Kay’s early collections and the vibrancy of the salons influence in the creative community
The youth identity , the arts, music and fashion are as much alive however not confined to central locations and global cities rather celebrated with local dialect and diversity with globalisation and social media encouraging creativity, we are living in a rich cultural revolution inspired by digital media immersed now in the creative industries.
So, how does all this relate to hair? Well, mcIntyres are the only salon in Dundee to partner Sassoon and offer clients Sassoon hair colour which you can expect a more refined and noticeably better hair colour. mcIntyres also provide education and training to other partner Sassoon salons in Scotland. mcIntyres also stock the full professional Sassoon after care range exclusively available in Dundee at mcIntyres salons.